How to Grow Taller | A Detailed Guide on Increasing Height


There are many reasons why today’s youth and even adults want to grow taller. If you find yourself not being able to reach a certain vertical maximum height, and are a little shorter than everyone else, perhaps it messes up your confidence.

Maybe you want to play sports, and if you just increased your height just a little bit, then you’d be able to do so much more, even if it was just a couple inches. In any case, you can achieve this even when you don’t think you can, and there are numerous ways to do it.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how you can grow taller by using various methods that have been proven to work. While some methods are a lot easier to maintain than other reasons, they are still perfectly attainable.

Does genetics play a role in height? Yes, they do play an extremely important role, so you must never forget about the fact that if your parents aren’t very tall, you will be around their height in the general sense. However, with proper techniques, you can still end up to grow even taller than they are!

What we’ll do in this article is discuss ways you can grow taller. If you’re an adult, this may be a lot harder to do than it would be if you are the stages of adolescence, or even a child, so most of these tips will apply mainly to people of all different ages when it comes to growing taller.

But contrary to many popular beliefs, it’s more possible than ever to grow more after you’ve become a full-fledged adult. We’ll cover that more towards the end because as it’s a later part of life, there are fewer ways to achieve this once you’re a full-grown adult as compared to when you’re growing (through childhood and your teenage growth spurts).

Natural Methods of Height Growth

When it comes all of the ways that a person can grow taller naturally, there are a ton of things that you can do. This section will cover numerous items that can drastically affect your height growth, and even hinder it. While of course, there are some medical altering ways (such as using hormone pills, dietary supplements, and even surgery) that can help you do this as well, we’re not going to cover this right now.

Eating Healthy

We all know that eating healthy is the key to life, but did you know that it’s also the key to grow taller? When you eat a well-balanced meal, you’re helping your body become more than you would if you just eat the average “convenient” or processed foods.

Eating too much junk food, for example, can make you gain too much weight, but this can cause your spine to be compressed.

You may want to cut out a good portion of your junk food and soda intake. This is also for numerous reasons. Carbonated beverages have been proven to deplete your body of calcium, while caffeine decreases your internal water levels and can dehydrate you. Not only this, but it’s also linked to weight gain and water retention. You can try to increase your juice, water, and tea instead of drinking more soda as it can help you greatly. Avoid strongly caffeinated drinks like coffee when you’re younger, as even though drinking too much caffeine can indeed stunt your growth, you shouldn’t need it when you’re younger.

By making sure that you get plenty of naturally healthy foods, nuts, and many more items, you can increase your amount of HGH (human growth hormone). This can have a similar effect to taking for example the HGH supplement which we review. Some prime examples of what to eat are plenty of fish, chicken, and lean red grass-fed meats.

The reason being is that these products contain fewer fats, but are also essential in providing excellent protein, along with numerous amino acids that can aid in the growth hormone production.

Don’t forget to include your greens in your meals.

Be sure to eat plenty of leafy greens, green beans, and in general get a well-rounded diet. Remember the food pyramid? If you follow that pretty closely and make sure that you split that food pyramid up accordingly between your meals, you can increase how fast you grow, and how much.

Workouts and Stretch Practices

Exercise and stretching are essential to physical health on numerous levels, but it can also help you grow in many ways as well. When you’re stretching, you’re allowing your muscles, tendons, and ligaments to increase in flexibility, which will help in aiding your bone growth as well.

There are different stretches you can use to help increase your height.

Of course, you can’t just only do stretches. Doing vigorous workouts not only helps you build great lean muscle (training your core can aid as well because it helps with overall body balance), but it can help your body kickstart the necessary hormones in your body that helps your tissues grow.

The reason why it’s important for you to stretch frequently at any level is that certain types of stretches can help your spine stretch, which makes decompression possible, and add a little more height (even if it’s temporary at first) to your body. When you do this repetitively for every day, the longer you do it, the more you’ll grow in the long run, since our bodies “shrink” due to compressed spines every day.

Every day you wake up and stretch in the mornings, and you’re about a half inch to three-quarters of an inch taller. Well, your body can shrink from a quarter to a half inch per day. That being said, if you do a stretch frequently that allows you to get nearly an inch taller at the start of every day, the compression may not be as much, as well as the fact that it won’t be the amount that you actually stretched it.

One good thing to also remember when it comes to exercise is that stretching is important for cell and tissue growth, just as much as it is for helping to alleviate the sore muscles that can ensue after a hard and vigorous workout. Always do your workouts in the following method: stretching, warm-up exercises, first workout, stretching, secondary workout (if applicable), cool down exercises and stretching again.

This can ensure that your new muscle that you may put on is lean and that when your body repairs and builds itself while you sleep (we’ll get to that later), you’ll also have plenty of “room” and flexibility.

The Natural Way To Fix Your Body Every Night

Sleep is one of the most critical factors that we often take for granted, especially as we get older and require it just the same as we did when we were younger. Most adults don’t always get 6-8 hours of sleep, and in general we need just the same we should have received when we were younger (anywhere from 8 hours of sleep to 12 hours).

Because of this, our body’s don’t repair themselves the way they should, and because of this, they aren’t creating proper levels of human growth hormone (we’ll explain that some in a little bit too).

Are you getting enough sleep?

Not only this, but when you go throughout your day, your spine, joints, and entire body compress as you proceed throughout your day as mentioned before. Another reason sleep is important is that when your body fully relaxes with the proper amounts of sleep you need; your body also decompresses correctly.

Both as you grow older, and as you are already fully grown, the way you sleep in your bed is also key. Try sleeping on your back (even if you need to slightly elevate yourself) and if needs be, put a small pillow underneath your days for a great spine lengthening sleep (even if you start your sleep process and end up end deep sleep like this for part of the night, it can greatly help your growth and decompression).

Shoulders Up and Back! No Slouching!

You have always thought that the proper posture lectures that you got when you were younger (or if you are younger, you may be getting them now) was just your parents and bosses trying to control you. But the fact is that bad posture can significantly affect your growth.

Slouching is all around bad for increasing height.

If you have a desk job that requires you to be around a computer all day, make sure that you take a break about every hour to stretch. This will ensure you get some blood pumping through your muscles (we’re not saying do a full workout regimen, but merely walking around just a little bit for about a minute or two while stretching your arms and back), and even just bathroom breaks every couple hours can help you more than hurt.

Be sure to sit with your back as straight as possible too, because the posture and positioning of your spine are important all day. You can always lounge later at night when you’re relaxing and even more so in bed.

If you think people look at you funny when you’re at work, ignore them. They’re going to be the ones who are complaining later that their backs and necks hurt from sitting all day.

Consider Getting a Supplement

There are numerous products on the market today that claim to (and many that do work) help our bodies produce more human growth hormone levels. Some of them aren’t even intended initially just for making you taller (like those products with healthy collagen and glucosamine chondroitin – these products can help strengthen spinal disks, ligaments, and joints, as that’s what they’re primarily made of), but they work for helping to produce HGH as well.

One which has shown great promise however is Growth Factor Plus, a product we did a thorough review on here.

One thing you may even consider is taking a multivitamin. When you’re an adult, it’s almost crucial that you take a multivitamin. You see numerous senior citizens taking a multivitamin and a bunch of regular vitamins on top of this.

Do you know why?

Because as we get older and our bodies start to get weaker, we need more of individual vitamins. However, you can quickly achieve much of this by starting with a multivitamin. If you’re younger, take a multivitamin that is optimized for your age range to avoid many problems with this. As an adult, it’s nearly crucial to take a multivitamin, but with proper daily activity, and sleep, you can add a children’s vitamin to give yourself an average, but the essential boost to your vitamin intake.

Other things to look for amount many others are essential amino acids that come in many multivitamins (or if you eat meat, eating a well-balanced diet can help with this as well). If you’re a male, don’t forget natural taurine as well. We’re not saying to load up on energy drinks, but there is plenty of taurine, which is an essential amino acid found in many types of meat (contrary to the rumors that they are derived from bull semen – this is entirely not true) in fish, poultry, and lean red meats as well.

As far as supplements go, however, many people take these at the start of the day, but new science has proven that while some can be spread out throughout the day for maximum efficiency, other ones can be taken right before bed. This ensures that your body produces more HGH at night while you’re sleeping, and you can also possibly get better rest and wake up in the mornings feeling more energized and rested.

How to Appear Taller Than Normal

Shoe risers can be effective.

While it’s important to take care of yourself when you’re trying to grow taller, there are numerous cosmetic tricks you can do that are very small, but they can make you look taller, just as they do when you wear certain items that make you look leaner.

Wearing horizontal stripes not only make you look taller but look more muscular. Wearing tighter fitting jeans can help you seem taller at first glance as well. And you can also add risers to your shoes or boots. There are two forms of risers, insole, and add-ons. The external add-ons you can attach to the bottom of your boots or shoes (like this one) can match to look like they were intentionally a part of your boots designs. Not only this, but even the way you fix your hair can make you look a little taller than you are.

Avoid Growth Stunting Habits

We all know that in general, things like caffeine can actually stunt your growth, but numerous things can also impact them. When you’re going through puberty, for example, any steroid is bad practice, and you should never use them (unless when health reasons may be the main cause of necessity).

Other than this, even eating unhealthy foods, abusing drugs and alcohol (this limits how well our receptors can grow and react to create HGH), eating too much, and even too little can also affect how well we grow. As we mentioned before, make sure that you get proper amounts of sleep, especially during puberty (stop staying up and pulling all-nighters because you want to sit and play video games), so your body can grow well.

Supplemental Hormones

It is possible that you may not be getting or creating proper amounts of other hormones, which can also inhibit your growth. If you’re not getting any taller no matter what you do, you may want to get yourself checked out by a medical professional. One common thing regarding this that you may need to worry about is proper hormones, and for this, you’ll have numerous testing done before it can be considered that your hormones or a certain hormone is one you’re not producing enough of.

In other cases, though, it could also be an underlying medical cause that you didn’t know about, and can even be serious (many people with Cystic Fibrosis actually have a problem gaining weight, losing weight, and even growing taller, along with numerous respiratory problems all throughout their life), so you want to get as much information as you can to make sure it’s accurate.

Getting Cosmetic Surgery for Height

While I personally would consider that you didn’t get a surgery to make yourself taller, it is possible to have cosmetic surgeries done, but these are extremely intrusive. A surgeon would have to break your bones so they could space them and place items to have new bone grafts put in, and the process could take an extremely long time before you actually end up being healed. Something like this, while possible and would be for emergencies only, is something that is strongly advised against, due to the numerous consequences that could radiate from having this type of surgery, which could include everything from nerve damage, all the way to death. While some studies say that it could take months of physical therapy, there are some patients who never fuller recover after years of it.

Growing Taller During Adulthood

While you’re wondering how to grow taller, there are numerous things you can do in order to continuously grow after you’re done with puberty, as they’ve been listed throughout the article. Even re-aligning your spine by going to a chiropractor can help ensure that you grow more properly. It actually has its benefits of being an inch (or even more than that) taller after you have this done, and you must continue to keep your posture as upright and practice all of the “growth methods” above so you can avoid having the problem of shrinking so quickly in the future. Once you have your posture corrected, you can do a lot of the same stretches that we mentioned earlier, which have been proven to go along with the other things in this large page to increase your height, no matter how tall you are.


So in this article, there you can see that almost everything you do, and even things you don’t do, can impact your ability to grow taller, your final height, and more. But by just altering your lifestyle with positive changes, you can still achieve the ability to grow taller when necessary. As mentioned a couple paragraphs ago, surgery does happen, but it is so strongly advised against. Being taller isn’t worth risking your life, as it’s literally cosmetic and you should have the confidence to know you’re strong.

Other things you can do (speaking of strong) if you’re unsatisfied with your height, try bodybuilding. These have been known to increase people’s height as well, and some of the biggest bodybuilders out there aren’t even 6 feet tall (as men), and the women are generally even shorter (if you’re a woman who wants to bodybuild).

Finally, remember there’s also supplements available for you to try out. You can get discounts on specific products like Growth Factor Plus. Be sure to read our review!

Don’t ever forget that genetics do play one of the most important roles in deciding your height range, but it’s not the end of the world. There are people of all sizes and shapes out there, and you should be able to feel confident knowing you are able to overcome numerous obstacles (even if it’s just growing as tall as possible and living healthy). Some people actually change their lifestyles to “grow taller”, and while they may not grow much (or some may not at all), they end up feeling better, having more mental and physical health benefits, and they can do a lot more in life. So I guess the way we do things really is everything now isn’t it?